Professional Services

K-9 EAST performs a role in the community providing dog related services for many different applications.  K-9 EAST trainers work with highly trained dogs for certain specific applications such as performance for television commercials, movies and  still photo advertisement.

Dogs in Entertainment
For more than two decades K-9 EAST has been providing specialty dogs to the motion picture and television industries for on camera and live performance work.

In addition, our dogs have been used on still photography advertising and promotional work.  We keep a current list of all different breeds, ages, sizes, etc, of dogs that we work with both past and present and we can teach the dog(s) who are chosen to perform the task required for the shoot.

Law Enforcement 
K-9 EAST works with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on a consultancy basis for training, refresher courses, seminars and other activities including patrol/utility, tracking, air scenting, and detection work.  Mike has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching controlled aggression as a handler and decoy.

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