Specialized Training

Personal Protection Training  
K-9 EAST personal protection courses teach students how to train their pet to protect their handlers, families, homes, property and vehicles.

After conducting a detailed assessment, we first determine if your dog is suitable for protection work.  For clients interested in purchasing a protection dog we can help to guide you toward the purchase of a specific working dog suitable for your needs.

K-9 EAST is involved with many area businesses and families employing K-9 security tactics to protect their owners and property.  We have routinely worked with local, state and national law enforcement agencies as well as other professional associations and bodies in the area of personal protection work.

Whether you are interested in tracking/trailing for fun, exercise, sport, or utility work, we offer classes from novice to advanced. We focus on proper foundation work and handling techniques in this area of training.

Search and Rescue
We offer training for search dogs at all levels. For those new to this area, we get you started on proper foundation work. We will address your dog’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards the end goal of having a reliable and committed working dog.

We also work with intermediate, advanced and certified dogs to address any problems or issues that you may be having.

Remote Training Collars  (e collar) 
We offer training for those interested in learning and using the proper applications, techniques, and levels with remote training collars.  Dogs must have an understanding of commands and what is expected of them as a prerequisite.  We can guide you with proper timing, and where to apply corrections, as well as appropriate usage of equipment.

Therapy Dogs 
Testing requirements preparation is offered to our students who wish to pursue volunteer opportunities as a dog/handler team.  For more information on Therapy Dogs International (TDI) visit   www.tdi-dog.org