Basic Course Information
We encourage everyone to try one class before registering for a course. All courses are a 5-week minimum registration. Classes are offered throughout the greater Boston area.  Please contact us for locations, times and fees. In addition, any specific behavioral problems can be corrected upon handler's request.

Obedience I (Beginner)
Meets once a week and covers on-leash voice commands such as:

Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Come

Behavioral problem solving such as:

Jumping, Chewing, Barking, Digging, Biting, Pulling, Aggression & House-Breaking

Obedience II (Intermediate)
We work on the transition towards off-leash control. Distance work is introduced and hand/arm and voice commands are taught.

Obedience III (Advanced) This course covers obedience in a much greater depth where the handler works with the dog to strive towards perfection and total control. The dog/handler team will transition to off-leash voice and hand commands for:

Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Come

Private Lessons

Scheduled at flexible times, these lessons focus on what is important to you and your dog. The trainer will work with you and  your dog while coaching you and your family through the process.  Based on your personal objectives, topics can include socialization, basic obedience, house manners, and solutions to common behavior problems such as unruliness in your home, destructive behavior, jumping on guests, barking at the door and more.

Training can take place either in your home or at field locations to set up realistic distractions.