About Mike

For over 25 years, Mike Wagreich, owner and founder of K-9 EAST, has trained thousands of dogs and their handlers. Mike trains both the dog and their owner on how to successfully communicate and understand each other so that both the handler and the dog can live harmoniously within their communities and their homes.

Mike’s philosophy has evolved greatly over many years of studying both dog and wolf behavior. He has also devoted countless hours of hands on work with animals and trainers globally.

In his 25+ years of dog handling he has attended and instructed numerous courses and seminars from basic puppy development to advanced police K-9 tactics around the country. His methods are humane, realistic, and effective. Mike also believes that maintaining a positive training environment is essential in promoting the highest success rate possible.

Whether it is teaching your family pet basic canine manners, or bringing your working dog to certification levels, Mike possesses the knowledge, skills, experience and patience to help you attain your goals. He specializes in behavioral problem solving in all areas including aggression, dominance, assertiveness, anxiety, fear and avoidance which are a common concern especially with adopted dogs.  Mike will help guide you in a personalized, realistic manner, and will work with you on how to communicate and deliver clear and consistent commands resulting in your dog becoming a happy, healthy, and confident companion for your family to enjoy.